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What are your treats made of?

Nothing you've never heard of before...

Our treats include FOUR simple ingredients, most of which you probably have in your own kitchen. Wheat flour, eggs, peanut butter, and spent grain from Big Inlet Brewery in Mayville, NY. 

Spent grain is used in the craft beer brewing process, and once the batch has brewed the grains are useless to the brewer. We're taking that "waste" and up-cycling it into something yummy.

Our baking process is similar to that of making cookies; the ingredients are combined, cut out by hand, baked, and then put through the dehydrator for over 2 hours to preserve freshness and to add that crunch your dog will love. 

Aren't there hops in beer? Hops are toxic to dogs...

You're right, BUT...

The hops never come into contact with the grain from our brewer. We ensure total safety for our friends, so you don't need to worry about them being contaminated by anything toxic. We wouldn't give anything to your dogs that we wouldn't give to our own.

I live locally, do I need to pay for shipping?


If you're within a 30 mile radius of Jamestown, NY we'll hand deliver your order to you. No really, we will get in the car and deliver them straight to your door. To order directly from a real person, you can text us your order to (716) 499-4175. That's how local we are. 

Where does my $1 donation go?

To a great cause, that's where.

The Chautauqua County Humane Society has been helping local animals in our area since 1905. That's over 100 years of serving our immediate community and helping animals in need, every day. We directly donate $1 from every purchase because Wag Supply Co. loves animals as much as you do. Visit the CCHS website to learn more about how you can volunteer to help animals in need, and be sure to visit the adoptable pets page. 

Why should I buy your treats?

Why not?

Wag Supply Co. is giving you plenty of reasons to buy your dog treats with us. We believe that your dog should be getting the best, so natural human-grade treats is a great way to start. Instead of adding all those mystery preservatives that the name-brand companies put in their treats, our treats undergo a two hour dehydration process before they're packaged.

As animal-people, we understand that donating to other animals in need isn't always on the forefront of our minds. By directly donating to the Chautauqua Humane Society with your purchase, it's all the more reason to make you feel good for being a Wag Supply Co. customer.

Finally, we're local. These treats were made right in your back yard. We more than welcome you to visit us anytime. Supporting local businesses is something that Wag Supply Co. always tries to do, and we feel that it's an important part of sustaining our small community. 


What if my dog doesn't like your treats?

We'll take them back, no questions asked.

We pride ourselves on our customer service, integrity, and we stand behind our product. If for some reason your dog does not like their treats, we'll give you a full refund with no questions asked. There's no lengthy refund process, which is part of the beauty in working with a small business. We appreciate you trying us out and we'll do all we can to serve you properly.

How long are my treats good for?

No need to worry...

Since each individual treat gets baked and put through our 2-hour dehydration process, there is no moisture leftover in any of our treats. We don't add any preservatives, but because of our unique and time-consuming process the shelf-life on our treats will outlast the treats themselves. 

So is there alcohol in the treats?

Absolutely not!

The spent grain we use is separated from the rest of the brewing process before fermentation occurs. There is no alcohol in our grains or our treats. 

Why are some treats darker than others?

Because they're crafted perfectly imperfect for you, by hand.

Just like your last batch of cookies you baked, our treats are all unique because they are handcrafted with love by our Wag Supply Co. bakers. We create each bag of treats in small batches so that we can create consistent, fresh treats for your dog to enjoy. We don't use a machine to shape our treats so some may vary in shape and thickness, but don't worry; all of our bags are measured by weight and not quantity. 

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